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Neil Fesette, CCIM, CPM

Neil Fesette
Neil Fesette provides an Overview of the services provided By Fesette Commercial Realty



A Clear Perspective on Investment Real Estate

Real estate investors throughout the North Country trust Fesette Commercial Realty for their brokerage and property management needs.  Fesette Commercial Realty delivers short term profits and long term value.  From acquisition to disposition, Fesette Commercial Realty has a proven track record of delivering results, attaining the maximum price for our sellers, great value for our buyers, and providing impeccable property management services for our client-owners.

Our Mission

To create and maintain the most premier team of investment real estate advisors who continually improve our clients’ position in the market by assessing, developing and achieving smart investment objectives.

Properties For Sale
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    TOMMILLER Plattsburgh Land, Commercial, Industrial 78 Acres $1,250,000.00
    COMMERCEPL Plattsburgh Commercial, Industrial 31,000 $1,135,000.00
    PRIMHALL Plattsburgh Industrial, Commercial 46,215 $999,000.00
    20GATEWAY Plattsburgh Manufacturing, Warehouse 50,400 $2,125,000.00
    35Gateway Plattsburgh Manufacturing, Warehouse, Distribution 30,000 $1,450,000.00
    42Gateway Plattsburgh Manufacturing, Warehouse 60,000 $2,320,000.00
    155348 Commercial/Residential 0 $300,000.00
    155517 Mixed Commercial, Office Commercial 1800 $229,000.00
    155953 Office Commercial 4400 $250,000.00
    145374 Office Commercial, Retail Commercial 3500 $350,000.00
    151888 Commercial/Residential 1654 $475,000.00
    152798 Mixed Commercial 9060 $499,000.00

    Commercial Properties for Lease
    Property IdLocationTypeSizePDFPrice
    HighPeaksCommons Plattsburgh Office 1,100-3,000 $0.00
    LabarreStreet Plattsburgh Warehouse 8,800 $0.00
    NORTHERNAVE Plattsburgh Industrial 35,607 $0.00
    Per Sq Ft
    AirportPlaza3 Plattsburgh Restaurant 6,000 $0.00
    14MargaretSt2 Plattsburgh Restaurant/Bar 3,500 $0.00
    14MargaretStreet City of Plattsburgh Restaurant/Bar 5,000 $0.00
    PerrywinklePlace1 Town of Plattsburgh Retail 3,491 $0.00
    PerrywinklePlace2 Town of Plattsburgh Retail 5,566 $0.00
    AirportPlaza1 Plattsburgh Office/Retail 2,750 $10.00
    Per Sq Ft
    AirportPlaza2 Plattsburgh Office/Retail 3,100 $10.00
    Per Sq Ft

    Apartments and Houses for Rent
    Property IdLocationTypeBed/BathSizePDFPrice
    RVCABIN3 Plattsburgh Log Cabin 1/1 500 $900.00
    Per Month